The Anatomy and Physiology of Drupal: The API and Custom Modules Building

Reference: M2
Duration: 1 day (8 hours including lunch & coffe-breaks)
Target: Developers able to build simple websites using Drupal (equivalent of attendees of M1 module). Basic to medium knowledge in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
Goals: Attendees will gain an intimate knowledge on the inner works of Drupal and will develop the strategic skills required to build a custom Drupal module that extends the Drupal API. During this module, the attendees will implement a Drupal project of an average complexity and will dive into the major APIs of Drupal.
Synopsis: This module explores the Drupal API by proposing a practical approach: a Drupal project is implemented and special requirements are met by the development a set of custom modules:
  • Introduction
  • Drupal architecture: libraries, hooks, core modules, theme layer
  • Developer tools: Devel, Drupal API Reference, Coder
  • The first Drupal module: basic hook fundamentale, Form API
  • Introducing the Database Layer
  • Introducing Entity API and Field API
  • The permissions system
  • Node access
  • Javascript and Library API
  • Theming: building customized themes with starter kits & jQuery UI
Language: English or Romanian