Build a Drupal site in just one day

Reference: M1
Duration: 1 day (8 hours including lunch & coffe-breaks)
Target: Site developers without Drupal experience. Wordpress, Joomla! or handmade HTML/CSS website users or administrators. Understanding Content Management Systems is helpful.
Goals: Participants will be able to build, configure and theme a medium website using Drupal.
Synopsis: This is a crash course helping participants to learn how to install, configure and build content websites using Drupal.
  • Introduction to Drupal
  • Install & Configure
  • Building content
  • Showing content, using Views
  • Adding and customizing new content types
  • Extending Drupal. Basic modules. Evaluating contrib modules
  • Theming your site - the basics
  • i18n: Multilingual Drupal
Language: English or Romanian