Effective form spam protection with Form Protect

Form Protect is released for Drupal 8 and 7

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Form Protect is my first Drupal 8 module, even it's a tiny one. First I needed the module for a Drupal 7 client project. But after having the D7 module running, I felt that it's good opportunity to write my first Drupal 8 port.

Form Protect is a tiny, simple, non-invasive spam protection for forms. The protection is based on the assumption that spam bots are not running JavaScript when loading targeted forms. Yes, there's a downside: users with JavaScript disabled will not be able to post the protected forms. That means, when installing this module you'll nee to assure that your client accepts this limitation.

The module is very effective. It blocks all the non-legitimate posts, also those that are passing the Honeypot spam prevention. Comparing to other similar modules, this one is only redirecting the submit to a blind page when JavaScript is disabled.