Drupal 8 is now part of our Training Curricula

As the date for Drupal 8 stable release is approaching, we’re excited to announce that Webikon has extended its training modules to include also Drupal 8 along with the existing Drupal 7.

Starting with the „8” release, Drupal has adopted the modern PHP concepts and standards, object-oriented programming, and the Symfony framework. While a lot of the Drupal concepts (Fields, Views, Entities, Nodes) continue to exist in Drupal 8, they are now implemented using object-oriented programming design patterns.

There’s no need to explain the advantages of such a big architectural switch. But the first disadvantage that really scares everyone used with the existing Drupal way of doing things, lies in the massive changes that Drupal 8 will bring. While this understandable, we think that will not gonna hurt. In fact the New Drupal is more maintainable than before and with a much more clear and abstract API.

Our trainers were involved directly, as contributors, in the release of Drupal 8, so they have a very good insight into the new API architecture. In this moment, when I write this post, Drupal 8 is still in beta, but the API and the UI are in a very mature shape. This is a good moment for learning and adopting the changes that Drupal 8 brings.

Review our Training page. Happy Drupal 8 :)