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Installing Apache Solr 4.7 multicore on Ubuntu 12.04 and Tomcat7



I will show you how to install the ApacheSolr search engine under Tomcat7 servlet container on Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS (Precise Pangolin) to be used later with Drupal 7. In this writeup I'm gonna discuss only the installation and setup of the ApacheSolr server. Specific Drupal configuration and/or Drupal side configuration to be discussed in future writeup.

Migrating to Drupal 8

Together with my partner, Gabriel, facing the North.

Together with my partner, Gabriel, facing the North

Alkuvoima+East Group, a Finnish strategic digital marketing agency, invited us to join one of their interesting events in Helsinki. We were asked to present some hot topics like: ‟Drupal 8 — What’s Cooking?”, ‟Migrate to Drupal 8” and ‟Drupal 8 as a mobile backend” along with another cutting-edge presentation: ‟Drupal and Apache Stanbol”. The big interest aroused by the ‟Migrate to Drupal 8” topic inspired me to elaborate on this subject.

At Drupalcon Prague 2013 Dries announced the switch to a migration-based upgrade and the move of Migrate module in Drupal core. In this write-up I will introduce you to migration basics: concepts, flow, components and then I will illustrate a complete migration process, as it works, now, in Drupal 8 by explaining how a real migration has been implemented in a real module. Here we go!

Brussels Airport Flightplanner

Brussels Airport Flightplanner

Brussels Airport Flightplanner is the official Brussels Airport iPhone and Android app. It's a valuable tool used to plan or track a flight. The app will map out a personal itinerary from your front door to the gate. You will receive updates through push notifications, browse the shopping, food and drinks listing for special promotions.

Drupal Twig conversion performance test with JMeter

Note: The Twig conversion acts here more as a pretext to showcase the power and flexibility of using Apache JMeter™ as a benchmarking tool for Drupal.

Staring with release 8, Twig was adopted as theme engine for Drupal. The conversion of PHPTemplate theme_*() functions and *.tpl.php template require also benchmarking.

Drupal 7 Training

Webikon delivered an customized Drupal Training for a team of developers from Pentalog Vietnam. During a 6 days training schedule, we covered a wide range of introductory and advanced topics on web application development using Drupal.

iOS Fashion Platform

Momads is a creative mobile agency, creating and producing ideas for mobile ads, apps and websites. We developed the server side for an iPhone/iPad fashion application, by implementing a set of web services.

Android AppStore

We provide consulting, development and maintenance services for the server side component of an Android Marketplace developed with Drupal, which is handling content management and ecommerce operations.